Sunshine, family and awards

Well after a rainy Wednesday, today has been a real scorher. The Sun definately had his hat on much to my boys enjoyment. We have had a lovely couple of days with my sister visiting with the highlight being me loosing in a water fight to my 6 yr old … must remember to thank his God mummy for the ultimate water pistols she bought the boys.


I even managed to finish off some more flowers today whilst lapping up the sunshine. I’m so pleased with the colours and cant wait to put them together as bunting. Still need to decide whether it will be 1 bunting or 2 with lots of different colours.




But what has been very humbling and most exciting is the 2 awards Hookyqueen has been nominated for.

To put this into presective i have been crocheting for 11 months and started this blog after my biggest fan, my best friend Lucy, suggest i should start one. I never expected it to go anywhere so to recieve these nominations has truely made my crocheting day.

the first nomination is for the WordPress Family Blog Award. The nomination was from the Verónica at


In recognition of this i am going to nominate 10 blogs that have impacted on my WordPress experience, so here goes:


I love these blogs and reccomend them.

The secondly I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Judit at Monster Yarns ( Again i feel so grateful and over the moon for this.


So thank you so much.

In the tradition of this award I need to answer the questions asked by Judit, and here they are:

1. Knitting or Crochet and why?

I love my hook, I cant describe why other than my hand just seems to fit the hook. I have been knittin but i have to use circular short needles as i lack the ability to deal with these long sticks. Also i loved how quickly i picked it up and the variety of stitches i can do.

2. Cats or Dogs and why?

Dogs – I have 2 old, soppy cavaliers who are my fur babies. Im very allergic to cats so that really explains it.

3. Three items you couldn’t be without on a Desert Island.

Well provided my boys & pups were with me  it would be hooks, hand dyed yarn and my ipad as i think i would struggle without candy crush.

4. Do you have brothers/sisters or are you an only child?

I have 1 younger sister.

5. Why blog?

My best friend, who is my biggest fan, suggested it and after toying with the idea for a while i decided to give it a go. I love sharing my work and seeing others beautiful work.

6. Are you a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full person?

Really depends. I try to be half full but occassionally am a half empty person, although luckily not that often.

7. Should a man turn the toilet seat down or do you not care?

Always down. My hubby is well trained as is my youngest. Unfortunately my 6 yr old needs to work on it.

8. Do you still hand-write letters?

Yes, although they are usually letters to school and little happy letters to my boys. I do make the eldest hand write thank you notes.

So that is it. A big thank you to all that read my blog, i really do appreciate it. And a huge thank you to Verconica and Judit for my nominations.


Christmas presents in July and camping crochet

Again I find time has passed all too quickly. My excuse for the lack of updates is my tablet not liking WordPress at the moment, but fingers crossed that’s solved now.

Well at last the summer holidays are upon us and for us teachers that means a bit of breathing space before the planning and prep begins again. So what the Hooky clan spent last week camping in Cromer. It was our first time and was brilliant! We stayed at a lovely campsite where we spent 4 great nights. And needless to say I had some quality time with my hooks. And the result was finished off just last night. The scarf from . I love it and it is going to be a Christmas present for a lovely lady.


With one present completed I couldn’t help myself tonight. So present number 2 is well and truly underway with these beautiful flowers which will be sent to a good friend as a gift too. I love the deep pink and yellow and will be doing 3 of each of the colours. Why 3? Well my father in law was an editor of a garden publication and apparently odd numbers are better than 3 in gardening so I tend to do odds rather than ebbs nowadays.


I think I will use a rainbow of colours to make it bright and cheerful and will fit with any decor. I may even make them for my god daughters.


I’m using RICO essentials cotton which is really nice to work with.

So what’s on my to do list? Finishing my boys blankets for one, and getting onto my own one. I also what to make more gifts for Christmas so I am definitely going to have busy hooks. I have some gorgeous RICO creative yarn that I’m going to use for a shawl for my god daughter so I will try and update the blog more often over the summer.


So or now happy hooking campers xx

Happy campers and Happy Hooking

Yet again a few weeks have past and I have not updated the blog. I am going to blame my hubby as we have taken the big step of becoming (hopefully) happy campers. Yes we bought a family tent and have spent the last few weekends getting kit, setting up and bribing my youngest into getting the less pink sleeping bag (3yr old and obsessed with pink). I have had time with the hooks though and am hoping that I will get some serious hooking time in once the summer hols start at the end of next week.
So what’s been happening in Hooky land? Well I taught a friend to granny square in her own exclusive Hookyqueen one to one, and am proud to acocunce she was a fantastic student and is now making her own granny square blanket.
My own squares blanket has disappeared … Yes I undid it all as I wasn’t feeling it! You knitters and hookers will know what I mean, so I undid and have placed another order withe the lovely Ali at“>pixie knits</a> for someone of the pinks and cream and some shades of pink. I know what I’m now going to do but I’m not telling yet.
I continue to make progress with the scarf from issue 6 of <a href=”“>simply crochet</a> which is going to be a Christmas present for a special person in my life.
I think it is beautiful, and the merrino yarn from Luscious Little Something’s is gorgeous.
I’m also working on a little something for my youngest. He is a huge Peppa Pig fan and loves Peppas brother George. Those of you who are fortunate not to have this in your lives, George is a pig who loves his toy dinosaur. Euan has a giant George (holding a dinosaur) but kept looking at dinosaurs in the shops wanting one. So being me I have decided to have a go at making him one. So far I have joined the head and the body and now need to start the legs and tail.
Both the head and body started of as follows: (you are working in the round)
  • Forming a magic ring, 6DC into ring
  • 2DC into each of the previous DC
  • (2DC into next DC, DC into next DC) repeat around
  • (2DC into next DC, DC into next 2 DC) rep around
You can repeat this process just adding an extra DC after the initial 2DC to make the circle as wide as you wish. I worked upto 2DC, DC in next 5 stitches giving a total of 42 stitches.
You then DC into these stitches until you have the length you need.
To finish you follow these steps (remember you will need to change this slightly if you have a bigger number of stitches by increasing the number of DC before the DC 2 together DC2tog)
  • DC in next 5 stitches,dc2tog rep around
  • DC in next 4 stitches, dc2tog rep around (I added the stuffing at this point)
  • DC in next 3 stitches, dc2tog rep around
  • DC in next 2 stitches, dc2tog rep around
  • DC in next 1 stitch, dc2tog rep around
  • Continue to work 2 stitches into 1 until hole closes.
This was repeated for the body only making sure it was longer than the head.
Tonight’s job is the tail so hopefully I will have an update soon and will beable to share.
For tonight hookers I bid you farewell as the hook is calling so happy hooking. xx

Progress on a miserable Sunday

Today has been rather uneventful and not very summery. In fact at times the wind has been howling round the house. And on days like this, inbetween playing tag, building train tracks and tackling the laundry mountain, I managed to get some hooky time in. This piece is coming on fabulously and rather quickly, well quickly for me anyway.


The lighting isn’t very good this time of night in the lounge so it doesn’t pick up the gorgeous colours in the yarn.

I love this pattern too. The stitches remind me of crowns and are simply stunning together.


They consist of the following crocheted onto a ch from the previous row:
1double treble
1 treble
1 double treble.

The result is great.


Well that’s enough for tonight, bed is calling.

Night all and happy hooking x

Idle hands and busy bees

Well it suddenly dawned on me how long it’s been since I updated the blog. May into June has been busy to say the least. My eldest baby turned 6 last weekend and as all mums know party planning and prep takes a huge amount of time and energy, but its always worth it. I also saw Olly Murs which was fantastic, with some lovely ladies, watched the eldest get his 4th taekwondo belt and stat Beavers to name a few. Needless to say my hands were preoccupied with Lego building last weekend to pick up the hooks but I have been picking up the boys blankets when I get the chance for example when occupying a coffee shop round the corner from the Scout HQ for some chill time.


Have also changed my mind with some of my blanket colours and finally finished the knitting hearts so this is now what I and going for. I love the pinks and and going for the heart. Granny and knitted squares … Well I am for the time being …


I am addicted to the lovely pixie knits yarn and since the majority of the yarn is from her I have ordered some more that will work fantastically with the colours I have. I may have also accidentally purchased other wool too …. Just don’t tell hubby!

I have decided to use some of the gorgeous yarn I am not using in my blanket to have a go at something different. This pattern is so easy and I’m loving how quickly it’s forming and it will make a fantastic gift once finished.


The pattern is easy available in the latest edition of simply crochet a and the yarn is Luscious Little Somethings in melodies … A gorgeous mix of pinks, blues and purple. I’m hoping that this works well and I can tick off one of my Christmas presents because its new too early to start. With that happy thought of Christmas round the corner I shall bid you a goodnight.

Happy hooking

Granny stripes on a sunny bank holiday


Today has been a very chilled out day mainly consisting of food, kite flying, watching children run free, more food and of course hooking. Sometimes you need time just to be, no running around with the endless list of things we all spend so much time doing, and today was that day for us.


I spent much of today watching my husband and 2 boys running around with their godfathers and my god daughter whilst I got to chatter away with my best friend and I between dodging the kites I got a few rows of my youngest granny stripe blanket done. Granny stripes are quick forming and simple but they look fab. And like the ripple blanket its from the wonderful attic24.


    The colours are bright and fitting for such a sunny day. The theme for this is the Octonauts (childrens tv) so orange, blue, black and a splash of white. I can’t wait to finish and see it adorning my sons bed ….. Which I am determined to do before autumn!

    But for now have a lovely evening. Night night

Knit one, purl one, new wool, ripple blankets and Cath Kidston


The needles have been busy tonight, well after I spent 45 mins writing the pattern from the diagram pattern I was using. I find crochet diagrams so simple yet give me a knitting one and I really struggle. Anyway this is what I am working on. This will be a square that has 2 hearts crossing over subtly within it.


Yes you do need to look carefully to see the pattern and I’ve also realised how must locking I need to do to! Once I have finished tweaks I will get it written on the blog.

I love this yarn, it’s a custom dyed from the fabulous Pixie Knits and I love everything about it. I do feel the need to order more soon.

I have managed to squeeze a quick visit to the local hobby craft to try and get some new wool to add to my eldests ripple blanket which I have to admit I have fallen out of love with. I purchased a thicker yarn and he loves it so I’m determined to finish the boys blankets before autumn.


It’s more navy than the photo shows and very thick. I love the ripple effect and it is the ripple blanket that Attic24 Attic24 which is really going to be a labour of love.

So tomorrow it should be a sunny bank holiday filled with family, friends, food and quite possibly hooking. Nighty night